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Land of arts and castles, Caldarola amazes the visitor with the fairy-tale atmosphere of its ancient castle with rectangular battlements, with its refined urban arrangement that makes the town seem an authentic jewel of sixteenth-century architecture, with its important Roman and medieval features which award history the fascinating natural sceneries of the surrounding landscape. Situated in the centre of the province of Macerata,...
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31  OCTOBER  2021


di Camillo Vittici
Riduzione dialettale di Stefano Petetta e Quinto Romagnoli
regia Stefano Petetta
Gruppo Teatrale AVIS Macerata A.P.S.

Evento teatrale

7  NOVEMBER  2021


di Giuseppe Medori
regia Quinto Romagnoli
Compagnia Teatrale DON VALERIO FERMANELLI A.P.S. Camporota di Treia

Evento teatrale

21  NOVEMBER  2021


di Gianni Clementi
Regia Jacopo Cicconofri
Compagnia Teatrale LE MEZZE FACCE Tolentino

Evento teatrale

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