Palazzo Pallotta

The palace that dominates the main square, it’s the seat of the town hall and the heart of the city. Inside the palace we can find the municipal art gallery, the jewel of the Paradise Room, and a main floor full of frescos usually turned into expositions due to the perfect conservation and the recent renovation.

The Pallotta Palace was the headquarters of the city hall, it is located right in the centre of Caldarola and together with the Collegiate of Saint Martin forms a great example of medieval architecture. The square was drawn up together with the project of the Palace, the idea was to build a square with three porches on three sides, as we can see in the fresco in the boardroom (known as the Cardinal’s Room) inside the Pallotta Palace. It was devised and realized really fast, and it was changed many times, it can be considered as a representation of the development of renaissance architecture. Its construction and historic value are due to the characters of Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta and Simone de Magistris the painter. The frescos of the whole Noble Floor and the ceilings makes us understand the huge amount of work required for these treasures to be realised. Inside the palace we can find the “Paradise Room”, so named because of the hunting scenes represented in the frescos of this tiny room (from Greek, “paradisòs” garden, hunting). This room is a jewel located inside the town hall, hidden because it used to be the room of the meditation for the Cardinal. Historians and critics argue that this room was entirely painted by Simone de Magistris or Domenico Malpiedi and Antonio Tempesta.

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