Collegiata di San Gregorio

Another really important church, situated in the highest part of the city, with another bell tower, but totally different, and with a liberty jewel inside.

It was commissioned by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta in the early XVII century maybe on the ruins of the Church of Saint Gregory founded by Longobards by the end of VIII century. The construction is on Latin cross form with trussed ceiling. The wooden altar was gifted in 1638 from Cardinal Giovan Battista Pallotta and Archpriest Carlo Benedetti in 1690 took steps to paint it golden and silver. On both sides of the altar there are a cenotaph of Varino Favorino and the grave of Ludovico Clodio. The altarpiece represents the Saints Gregory and Valentine whom the church is dedicated to, and two apostles in the middle. The left chapel preserves the “Madonna del Rosario” oil on canvas with the saints Francis and Dominic. The upper part is by Andrea de Magistris whereas the two saints, vigorous and “lottesque” (referring to Lorenzo Lotto), are by Durante Nobili. Again, in this chapel the frescos of “Misteri del Rosario” (1918) are by Augusto Mussini (friar Paolo). Like other times, the painter becomes a poet. These frescos represent one of the few examples in the world of Liberty-Style Religious Art. The decorative scheme of “Misteri Dolorosi, Gaudiosi e Gloriosi” is made of bundles of roses that, from eight ancient pots placed in couples at the bases of the corners, climb to the ceiling along the arches and reconnect one another as garlands. They are sustained by four angels, and above the wreaths unfolds a bright sky jagged by white clouds. The “Misteri Dolorosi” in the lower part on the stylobate are symbolized by a frieze of heavenly and earthly figures that reflect pain through their red shades that recall the blood of the passion. The “Misteri Gaudiosi” are symbolized by yellow, where wondering angels are diving through. The “Misteri Gloriosi” are reflected by a bright vision of young angels with smiling faces that express Glory in Heaven.


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Construction 1600

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