Stanza del Paradiso

A breath taking jewel situated on the main floor of the Pallotta Palace. A little room filled by frescos, come to know its story!

So called for the depicted scenes with frescoes, dedicated to the art of hunting (paradisòs means precisely the place of hunting in greek); this room is a little jewel set in the Pallotta Palace, nearly hidden and remote, place of meditation of the Cardinal where reality is sublimated in fantasy through a highly lyrical landscape, that represents an exotic wildlife and many hunting scenes alive with prancing horses, greyhounds, hunters…
Until today, there is neither historical documents nor critical analysis of this room. Historians from Caldarola assign it to Simone de Magistris; despite the strong references to his other works and the recognized ability to transfer reality into the fairy tail’s lyrical world, critics think that the work belongs to other hands. Probably the Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta brought from Rome an edgy painter. As the plaster fell down on the left wall, the other three walls and the ceiling with huntings and animals are perfectly conserved. The landscape and wildlife are exotic.
The frames panels are separated from naked babies, in the high part the frames are covered by garlands. In the little room the movement of the pictures become momentum, thanks to the vivid colors and the narration. The characters are delicious and undefined. The frescos of the ceiling are characterised by mythical.


Nome della tabella
Construction 16th century

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