Chiesa di Vestignano

On the apse’s wall of this church, there are some paintings by Simone De Magistris.


Castello di Croce

This fortification was built by the Varano family defended the southern and eastern slopes of the hill and east side of the hill. The eastern curtain wall is the mightiest in the area. Just in the middle is a pointed arch gate giving access to small yard with a cistern. The southern part is occupied by the perhaps afterwards built church.


Palazzo Pallotta

The palace that dominates the main square, it’s the seat of the town hall and the heart of the city. Inside the palace we can find the municipal art gallery, the jewel of the Paradise Room, and a main floor full of frescos usually turned into expositions due to the perfect conservation and the recent renovation.


Collegiata di San Martino

The main church built in 1590, with the bell tower that watches the entire town. Come inside and see the incredible paintings of Simone de Magistris.


Collegiata di San Gregorio

Another really important church, situated in the highest part of the city, with another bell tower, but totally different, and with a liberty jewel inside.


Stanza del Paradiso

A breath taking jewel situated on the main floor of the Pallotta Palace. A little room filled by frescos, come to know its story!


Santuario di Maria SS del Monte

Another church situated in the square and built in XVIII century, with a polygonal dome and greek cross insides, with some important paintings and the main one that is the protagonist of the church.


Castello Pallotta

Castle Pallotta rises on a hill above Caldarola. It was built in the second half of the 9th century and modified at the end of the 16th century by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta. He created a harmonious renaissance construction, used as summer residence by him and his illustrious guests, like pope Clement VIII and queen Christina of Sweden. The four cardinals of the family had important relationships with the church and the artistic world of their times.


Castello di Vestignano

This building was given to the Monastery of Casauria by Ludwig II and later on given to the Varano Family. Surrounded by greenery, Vestignano Castle still preserves mighty walls, its cylindrical keep and square-based turrets with cylindrical tower with a square base, narrow streets, low houses with pitched roofs, archivolts and subways.


Cappella del Rosario

The liberty jewel of the Saint Gregory Collegiate.


Chiesa di Pievefavera

The only church in Pievefavera, with baroque style, 4 chapels and medieval decorations.It was renovated many times, and it’s a clear example of the history of this little burg.


Santuario Madonna del Sasso – Valcimarra

Surrounded by nature over the disctrict of Valcimarra, this little church seems carved in the mountain and it will leave you speechless.

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